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Partners: Poland, Romania, Czech Republic

Reference number: 2019-1-PL01-KA204-065741

Period: 01.11.2019 – 31.12.2021

The EDU-GameBox project has been prepared and will be implemented by a four-party partnership: Nowe Motywacje from Poland, FERI from Poland, AESD from Romania and Institut INPRO from the Czech Republic.
The project is in line with sectoral priorities:
ADULT EDUCATION: Expanding and developing the competence of educators and other employees to support learning adults
ADULT EDUCATION: Supporting the creation and access to skills improvement paths
ADULT EDUCATION: Improving and broadening the range of high-quality learning opportunities tailored to the individual needs of adults with low skills or qualifications

The main objective of the project is to provide educators with support through access to modern solutions that activate and enhance development processes, and thus increase the efficiency of adult education through the opportunity to use people designing development activities from a set of training games with a set of materials and precise instructions for their implementation.

Detailed objectives:
- creating an online space, accessible to all educators, allowing to download tools and use them, especially in situations when groups of learners do not have the resources needed to take advantage of commercial solutions available on the market.
- facilitating the use of non-formal education for adults from smaller towns, rural areas, as well as encouraging and eliminating social and distance barriers in adults with fewer opportunities and lower skills,
- encouraging educators to share their solutions and provide them with a basic base that they will be able to develop together, as well as use publicly available inspirations that will affect the attractiveness and effectiveness of the educational activities proposed by them.
- minimizing barriers to the availability of resources based on gamification
- enrichment of educational programs with new tools resulting from the work of a team of experienced educators, technicians, HR and training market experts.
The project is aimed at educators and adults. As part of the project, the partners will jointly create a universal set of games dedicated to adults and educators as a reinforcement of the non-formal education system in partner countries and on a scale of min. European. Games created to strengthen the competences of adults, including those with low qualifications and skills will be prepared by experts, but also educators themselves and adults during the testing phase. Both groups will jointly create, test and improve solutions used in games and on the platform, with the active participation of all project partners. In this way, representatives of the target group will create tools that they will later use in lifelong learning.
Each of the partners operates in the area of non-formal education of adults, therefore, has
appropriate experience in order to achieve the intended results and project indicators.
The main results of the project:
- final version 1 of an innovative networking platform, which is a "marketplace" for educators.
The platform will be powered by a database of games created by partners during the project. Users will be able to download the materials needed to complete the game free of charge, along with instructions, content description and application tips. The games will be able to comment and evaluate. An additional advantage will be the ability to supplement the platform by users with proprietary resources, thanks to which the database can be constantly improved and developed. The platform will be a fully usable, functional tool in four language versions (partner languages and English, to enable further translation for European countries that are not a party to the partnership).
- base min. 20 educational games in the final version. After selecting 5 key competences
INTERESTING WITH STRESS, TROUBLESHOOTING, EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION, GROUP COOPERATION, and DISPATCH MANAGEMENT, the final version will achieve a minimum of 4 games from each area, which will allow the platform base to supply twenty innovative resources whose application in development processes will significantly influence on the effectiveness of educational activities and the ease of knowledge acquisition by process participants. Each game will be accompanied by instructions. The instructions will contain, among other things, detailed recommendations regarding the use of given elements at specific groups of participants, which for educators will be a convenient, generally available background.
Project results will be disseminated through planned activities within the project and after completion of, among others, through dissemination conferences in 3 countries, mailing with information about project results, information on the EPALE platform about the project and its results as well as information and materials on partner websites.

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